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One to One

With the CatalystOne module One to One, you can create effective and structured 1:1 meetings in a quick and easy way. The tool helps you prepare for the meeting and ensures follow-up and registration of to-dos, so both manager and employee get the optimal outcome from the meeting.

Personal and effective meetings, made easy

One to One is our newest module and a part of our Continuous Performance category. It is a modern and digital way of enabling productive and meaningful conversations between your managers and employees in a quick and easy way. 


Simple and easy to use.

One to One is simple and intuitive. It only takes a few clicks of a button to setup a meeting:

  1. Select the employee you want to meet with.
  2. Choose the topic template of your choice. 
  3. Send the invitation.

If the template includes preparation, the participants will both have access to a series of questions before you start - otherwise you can simply start the meeting when you are ready.

During the meeting, the manager can see talking points for the meeting, to ensure all important aspects are covered during the conversation - and any to-dos that are agreed upon can be written down, to ensure they are followed up.

Do you want to know more about One to One?

Screenshot of the CatalystOne module: One to One



Topic templates

HR can easily setup topic templates for managers and employees to help them structure the conversation, for situations like 1:1 meetings, Exit interviews, Sick-leave interviews etc.


Easy overview

The manager can see an overview of the team and when they had the last 1:1 meeting and if any employees are overdue for a meeting. From the overview it only takes a few clicks to arrange the next meeting.


Follow-up to-dos

During the meeting, both members of the meeting can register a to-do or a task that should be followed up. Afterwards, they can see the status of the task and who it was assigned to, and in their next meeting they can see what was agreed during the previous meeting.


Insights and monitoring

HR can easily monitor the amount of One to One meetings in the organisation, and see who initiated the meetings.


Take notes from the meeting

During the meeting, the participants can write down their meeting notes in the One to One module - and see them again afterwards. These shared notes ensures transparency of the conclusions from the meeting.

New features are coming soon!

We will introduce a series of additional new and exciting features for our new One to One module. Stay tuned for updates!

Improve performance with better 1:1 meetings

Frequent meetings and check-ins between employees and managers are key in aligning the employees’ work and provides insight into the wellbeeing and performance of both individual employees, the team and the organisation as a whole.

A great dialogue between managers and employees, can also help boost engagement and improve the work-relationship – which can boost both productivity, employee retention and much more.

One to One is a part of our Continuous Performance Management category, which contains both performance, feedback and dialogue tools.


Adjust and adapt your business

In an ever-changing world, it is important to adjust and adapt your business on a regular basis. Moving from yearly performance appraisal meetings to continuous performance meetings is crucial in ensuring your organisation is agile and working towards the same goal, even as the goal might change over the year.

Book a live demonstration of the module and see how we can help you lift your 1:1 meetings to the next level.

Don’t just take our word for it

Banqsoft, a Nordic-based market leader offering financial software, have used the module with great success


“Keeping a continuous focus on employee engagement and development is vital for us in Banqsoft. One to One has helped us to better facilitate productive conversations in an easy and intuitive way. With customisable templates and roles, we have designed a process that works for us and our structure, giving our team leads and managers the flexibility to initiate check-ins when it suits them and their team. Being able to add and keep track of to-dos after each meeting is also a feature that we love!”

– Katrine Karlsen, HR Operational Manager, Banqsoft