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Our local support teams are eager to help solve any issues you may have.

Help and assistance when you need it

Known in the Scandinavian market for first-class service and support, we are solution-oriented, proactive and customer centric. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff are ready and waiting for your call. 

Local support

Our support teams are located in Stockholm and Sandefjord, with staff members speaking Norwegian, Swedish and English.

99% satisfaction

Rapid response, short time-to-solutions, and a highly service-minded staff have resulted in a 99% support satisfaction rating.

Available 08:00-17:00 CET

Our support team is ready to help every Monday to Friday during business hours.
Phone: (+47) 40 00 36 44

World-class support, local knowledge

We take great pride in our highly service-minded support teams, who are here to help with anything from how-to's to large-scale data imports and integrations.

As a customer, you'll soon find that our support teams know you and your local setup inside-out, and can quickly assist with any queries you may have.


What our customers say

We are very grateful to receive so much valuable feedback from customers who have been in contact with our support teams.


“The CatalystOne support team is exceptionally customer focused and delivers outstanding service every time. The feedback is prompt and tuned to customer-specific issues. The company’s culture shines through their attitude and approach – professional, knowledgeable and flexible.”

– Anna Spence, HR advisor, G2 Ocean


The Support Process

The support process at CatalystOne is focused on speed, flexibility and effectivness:
  1. Contact: Once you contact support, either by phone or email, we create a unique ticket containing the details of your issue.
  2. Assign: The ticket will be assigned to a support engineer who will be responsible for your issue.
  3. Solution: The assigned engineer will work, in close contact with you, on solving the problem as fast as possible.
  4. Follow-up: Once the issue has been resolved, you'll receive an automated e-mail asking if you're happy with the support you've received, and if there's anything else we can help you with.

Our support team is in close contact with our Product-Development and Customer-Success teams, ensuring they are able to act on insights we receive from customer feedback.

Don't hesitate to call for help!

Every week the support team handles hundreds of tickets. We are incredibly proud of our customer support satisfaction rating of +99%

“Supporting HR people and managers are very giving, using the full extent of our excellent software to support companies harbour every corner of skills and talent. Getting challenged by finding the best possible solution for the customer makes my weekends long, and my workdays short. Most certainly the best job I’ve ever had!”

– Mikael Karlsen, Senior Support Engineer, CatalystOne