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Cultural match with the supplier - a crucial success factor!

The cultural match and a mutual view of how the collaboration should look turned out to be crucial for this project to be so successful.


SBAB briefly tells about the project by choosing a HR software supplier and implementing a new HR system:

Our business at SBAB is based on innovative thinking and being a digital organisation, where we have the same high ambitions towards employees as towards the customer. Looking at how employment and organization data is handled is therefore an obvious focus area that got a little extra focus in 2017. Both from an HR and employee perspective. The starting point, was that master data on employment and organization level was handled in different systems with some or no integration systems between. The goal was to find a solution where this data and associated processes could be managed and be available to both HR, employees and managers - all in one place. A single point of entry for information about individuals and organization.

Before the procurement, we had several requirements for both system solution and supplier, but the main ones were that the system would accommodate solutions for several strategic HR processes, the supplier could work on the basis of an agile project plan and match us in terms of culture with a desire to enter into a cooperation/partnership and not an "purchaser-delivering" relationship.

In conclusion, the solution would ensure an opportunity to meet the following four sub-areas:

  • Transparency and availability: By creating a secure and compliant source of master data management of identities and employment conditions.
  • Regulatory compliance: By managing sensitive and confidential employment data in a more controlled and secure manner with the possibility of Audit trail and thinning.
  • Streamlining: By automating manual processes, simplifying internal administration and integrations.
  • Costs: By creating a more efficient and advanced control of employment and personnel data with the possibility of detailed cost monitoring.
We looked at the process as a change that entailed the introduction of a system, new working methods in relation to the management of employees and a new internal digital structure for user data. Thus, it was not just a technical project, but a change journey for both employees, managers and HR.

Now, afterwards, we can observe that the goals have been met. The cultural matching and a mutual view of how the cooperation / partnership would look turned out to be one of the crucial factors for this project being so successful and that we reached our goal with such a tight schedule. We therefore want to communicate that HOW is at least as important as WHAT and something that needs to be included in the procurement as a requirement. Something that needs to be secured before the agreement is signed.

Another success factor was that we chose to see the system implementation as an introduction of a work and behavior-related change in the organization and not foremost an implementation of something technically.

About SBAB Bank

SBAB Bank AB (publ) started its operations in 1985 and is wholly owned by the Swedish state. SBAB's business concept is to offer loans and savings to private individuals, tenant-owner associations and real estate companies in Sweden, with innovative thinking and consideration.

Number of employees

600 employees

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“An important part of the procurement was to find a cultural match between us and the supplier and to enter into a mutual cooperation rather than a classic "client-supplier" relationship. It turned out that this is precisely the factors that have been decisive for the project being so successful. We therefore want to communicate that HOW is at least as important as WHAT and something that needs to be included as an evaluation point during the procurement of new suppliers.”

– Camilla Fagerberg, HR-Project Manager, SBAB

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