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CatalystOne HR Solutions

All our solutions are module based, meaning they can be combined as needed to suit your unique requirements

CatalystOne HR solutions supports the following processes and functionality:

Our software solutions support all your HR processes, from hire to retire. Modular design allows you to build a single, unified HR solution supporting only the functions you need, with composite reports and analytics available across your entire solution.

co-icon-product-core_hr-blueCore HR

The cornerstone of a truly digital organisation is Core HR, where automated processes help reduce time-consuming administration, freeing up HR staff to focus on higher-value tasks. And with Core HR providing valuable insights through powerful analytics, HR as a function has never been better positioned to provide meaningful strategic support to the wider business. Our solution allows you to digitalise all your Core HR processes in one singe, secure system.

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co-icon-product-continuous_performance-blueContinuous Performance

Continuous Performance Management is at the heart of an organisational culture promoting openness, feedback and recognition. Reward high-performing employees for their successes, and address poor performance before the problem gets out of hand. Our solution will help you to not only understand how your employees are doing, but to meaningfully improve their performance day by day.

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co-icon-product-compentence_and_learing-blueCompetence & Learning

Building an overview of competencies at both an organisational and an individual level is the first step towards offering your employees targeted training and development programs. Bringing your competency solution online greatly improves user-accessibility and uptake, making it easier than ever to educate, develop and retain top talent.

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co-icon-product-talent_and_succession-blueTalent & Succession

Identify top talent within your organisation and provide high-potential individuals with the kind of tailored support they need in order to grow and thrive. Make strategic decisions on whether to hire for key roles externally or promote from within with powerful succession planning tools.

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co-icon-product-organisation_and_culture-blueOrganisation & Culture

Discover whether your people are aligned with your values, engaged with their roles, and balanced in their workloads. Gain a better understanding of your corporate culture through advanced survey and feedback functionality. Our Organisation and Culture solution has been designed to help you engage your people in open and honest discussion, facilitating an ongoing dialogue through scheduled follow-ups and well-organised feedback.

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Attract top talent with a professional and efficient recruitment process that boosts collaboration and promotes your brand.

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co-icon-product-core_hr-blue Core HR
co-icon-product-continuous_performance-blue Continuous Performance
co-icon-product-compentence_and_learing-blue Competence & Learning
co-icon-product-talent_and_succession-blue Talent & Succession
co-icon-product-organisation_and_culture-blue Organisation & Culture
co-icon-product-recruitment-blue Recruitment

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“HR now has a more efficient working day with a tool that helps us follow up on important processes. We use less time punching in data and looking for crucial information.”

– Trude Husebø, HR Director SKULD

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