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CatalystOne for:CIOs and IT Managers

Everything you need to know about the CatalystOne HR system, including security, hosting, implementation and integration

Not just for HR

Investment in a new HR system is a big decision for any company, but it isn't only HR who'll feel the benefit. Your IT department in particular will appreciate improved data security and quality, minimised software license fees, and reduced server maintenance.


Security and safety

Your employee and HR data are sensitive information, which is why we at CatalystOne take our security very seriously.

Read more about our security here

Implementation of CatalystOne


We handle all implementation activities ourselves, so you can be sure you have the most knowledgeable and experienced team possible installing and configuring your system.
Read more about our implementation here.

Software as a Service with CatalystOne


Choosing a SaaS product means you have fewer things to worry about. We'll take care of server maintenance, support, and both software and security updates - all as part of your license fee.
Read more about our SaaS model here.

Reduce IT management costs with SaaS

Because our products take advantage of the Software-as-a-Service model, you pay a fixed license fee per user that covers you for hosting, maintenance, and support.

Not only will you enjoy a predictable cost of ownership, you'll also entirely eliminate the possibility of expensive surprises like software updates or hardware failures, letting you focus your energy and resources on strategic projects, not on keeping the lights on.

module background

Cloud architecture

According to Mercer - the world's largest human resources consulting firm - the cloud has become the industry standard for HR software suppliers. The reason for this shift is clear - a cloud solution offers so many benefits that an on-premise equivalent simply can't match.

Cloud architecture means it's no longer necessary to configure complicated VPN connections for managers and employees to access business-critical data. Instead, they can reach your system securely through a web browser on their laptop or mobile device with a single sign-on.

Reduce software license costs

Most large organisations regularly welcome new employees to the team, and say goodbye to old ones. But this kind of churn means a constant struggle to keep on top of software licenses that need to be activated or deactivated, requiring a great deal of coordination between IT and HR. More often than not, this leads to unnecessary software license costs.

With a centralised master data system, the quality of your HR data will be vastly improved, meaning your IT department will always have a clear picture of exactly how many software licenses are needed.

Ultimately, you'll be able to realise huge savings.

Reduce software license cost

Official Microsoft Partner

As a proud Microsoft Azure partner, CatalystOne leverages the power of one of the world's largest and most secure cloud networks.

We also integrate directly with Active Directory and support Single-sign-on (SSO), creating an uninterrupted user experience for your employees.

Want to know more?

We're always happy to answer questions about security, servers, licenses, SLAs or implementation (as well as anything else that's on your mind).

Don't hesitate to reach out!