Connecting the dots with our trusted partners

Our customers’ needs are as unique as they are themselves. Together with our partners, we strive to offer the most powerful end-to-end solutions by joining knowledge, experience, systems, and services - and by taking advantage of the possibilities of connectedness.


Partnership philosophy

We help organisations build thriving workplaces by providing a comprehensive HCM platform. Joining forces with handpicked partners, we can offer even more complete solutions through digital transformation and automation in an integrated system landscape. By connecting systems, we want to ensure that you optimise the value of digitalisation, obtain the highest quality and efficiency in both processes and data, all with security and compliance in focus. 


Together with our trusted partners we help you in taking digitalisation and automation to the next level.

Data and insight drive business, that's why data is at the core of our solution. With our outstanding HR Master Data solution, we can provide all processes, tasks, systems, and access rights with updated employee data from one single source of truth. Many systems are dependent on the same data input, and they should therefore be connected. All these systems, and the processes run by them, are often dependent on the same HR master data.  

Our partner ecosystem

CatalystOne partners with other trusted software companies and IT service providers.

Technology partners

Our technology partners have deep domain competency and a strong market position. Together we ensure broader and more connected end-to-end technology to our customers.

Professional Services partners

Our service partners help our customers acquire the necessary readiness and confidence to carry out digital transformation and manage change. Their vast experience helps us deliver added value to our customers, while we ensure best-in-class delivery of our core product.

Implementation partners

Our implementation partners are experts in delivering and implementing total solutions consisting of several core business systems like ERP, payroll systems, HCM etc.

Integration partners

Our integration partners are third party best-of-breed solutions that we work with to help our customers achieve the best possible approach to building efficient, connected system landscapes.


Curious about how we can work together?


Some of our trusted partners



Cloud Infrastructure: CatalystOne is a Microsoft Gold partner. As a proud partner of Microsoft Azure, CatalystOne leverages the power of one of the world's largest and most secure cloud networks. The CatalystOne HCM platform has become an IP co-sell prioritized solution for Microsoft. 

We also integrate directly with Active Directory and support Single-sign-on (SSO), creating an uninterrupted user experience for your employees.


ERP: Xledger Offentlig and CatalystOne are strategic partners, collaborating on offering a future-oriented end-to-end ERP platform for ambitious municipalities, county municipalities, and public enterprises.

Our common goal is to provide municipalities and public enterprises access to the same technological development that the privat business community benefits from. We digitalise the processes within each subject area, create cross-disciplinary collaboration, and streamline through digitalisation and automation.

ERP & Payroll: Arribatec, a global supplier of ERP and Payroll solutions, and CatalystOne, have partnered up to form a technological alliance to provide a complete, scalable solution to digitalise and automize business processes across disciplines such as HR, ERP and Payroll.
By combining and integrating the solutions from Arribatec and CatalystOne you will get better process quality, increased digitalisation and process automation, improved dataflow and quality of data – and ultimately a better employee experience for your employees.

Employee listening: is our preferred partner for employee listening, employee engagement & pulse survey solutions. As a CatalystOne customer, you have access to an off-the-shelf integration with Populum.
This partnership aims to bring out the best of every team - and let your HR master data come to life. By combining Populum with your CatalystOne solution; your HR department, your business leaders and your team leaders will get a practical tool to drive and keep track of well-being, culture and engagement across your full organization.

Let's say goodbye to admin, manual survey work and heavy processes - and say hello to automatic insights and action.

Recruitment: Talentech and CatalystOne have established a partnership dedicated to supply our customers with a seamless talent journey, from start to finish. The partnership is built around quick, easy and streamlined integrations between Talentech's suite of recruitment systems and the CatalystOne HR system. Integration ensures automated transfer of a new hire in to CatalystOne and kicks off automated onboarding processes.

Talentech offers three industry-leading HR recruitment solutions: Talent Recruiter, ReachMee & Webcruiter.

Recruitment: Teamtailor and CatalystOne have initiated a partnership dedicated to offer a complete employee experience. Our systems combined represent a new way to attract, nurture, hire and onboard top talent. Teamtailor has been recognised as a fast growing tech company by organisations such as Deloitte Fast 50 and DI Gasell.

Integration between Teamtailor and CatalystOne automates the transfer of a new hire in Teamtailor to CatalystOne and kicks off automated onboarding processes.

Digital Identity & Signature: Signicat is CatalystOne's preferred partner and provider of trusted digital identity services. CatalystOne offers electronic signature as an integrated part of our HCM platform to achieve fully digitalised processes.

Signicat is the leading provider of trusted digital identity services across Europe. By providing the most comprehensive digital identity platform on the market, they drive innovation, accelerate digital business, and support the complete digital identity lifecycle.

Value Adding Services: Prasinum is our trusted and preferred partner for value adding professional services and consulting, e.g. IT strategy, project management, change management, workshop facilitation and readiness analysis. With Prasinum, we offer services which help our customers on their digital journey. From ensuring a good process from start to a successful, operational  digitalisation of HCM- and management processes. 

Professional Services are delivered by consultants with solid experience and expertise when it comes to complex operational development using business, IT as well as HR insights.

Integration Services: ConnectMyApps are CatalystOne's preferred partner for providing software integration services to our customers. ConnectMyApps are integration experts providing development, consultancy, and support of integrations for mid-market and enterprise organisations across the Nordics, UK and Benelux region.

Based in Oslo and Copenhagen, ConnectMyApps support a wide range of business applications, with a strategic focus on the HR space, including HRM, workforce management, recruitment, payroll, Active Directory and more - with focus on quick deployment and low cost for customers.


Financial Services: Since the start-up of Fleischer Finans in 2013, the company has largely focused on working with companies that sell equipment and software to corporate customers. Using Fleischer Finans' services, CatalystOne can offer leasing and payment plans to its customers.

For many companies, investing in technology is an important but significant investment. For these companies, financing is completely natural, where the investment can be distributed over time and become more affordable by linking the rental cost to future income.

Management Onboarding: 100 Days and CatalystOne have initiated a partnership in order to provide our customers with tools for investing in and developing their managers. ELLA is an interactive digital road map which helps the leader stay ahead of expectations and build strong relationships with their team and peers. ELLA supports the leader in delivering results with their team and create a strong platform for success.

Ella can be integrated with CatalystOne's onboarding process to create a more seamless experience.

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Our partner ecosystem is growing and together we are continuously increasing value for our customers. If you would like to know more about partnership opportunities, please reach out.