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Whether you're a medium sized company with a simple IT setup, or a global enterprise with a multitude of different systems - we enable a seamless flow of data between your existing IT estate and CatalystOne.

Why integrate your HR solution?

If your employee information is duplicated across several systems, there's a good chance data quality will suffer, and you might end up introducing security risks and incurring unnecessary license costs. But when your data is centralised in a single master data HR solution and integrated with your other systems, you have a solid data foundation on which you can build your business.

Improved Data Quality

We recommend our customers integrate their relevant IT systems with our Master Data solution, consolidating all their employee data in one place. This gives your company a single source of truth - a unified repository for employee data. As a result, the quality of data across all your systems will improve.

There's no longer a need to synchronise, transfer, or delete data manually either - all your systems will be using information from the same database.


Active Directory

By integrating Microsoft Active Directory (AD) with your CatalystOne Master Data, your IT infrastructure will always use the latest updated user information and access rights. This minimises unused software licenses, and removes unwanted access for former employees.


Payroll integration

Whether you already have a payroll system or are looking for a new one - we're ready to integrate with it! An integration between CatalystOne and your payroll system allows you to update employee salary and benefits data in a single place, in connection with compensation management.
Read about our compensation manager module


Single Sign-On (SSO)

CatalystOne's HR system can integrate with your Single Sign-On solution, meaning your employees won't have to remember multiple passwords and can easily switch between all your different systems. As a result, employees are more likely to actively use the HR-system, and will have much faster access to useful information.


An integration for everyone

Most IT systems (payroll, recruitment, time-registration etc.) send and receive data from external sources. We offer flexible and powerful access to HR data through our APIs that makes integration between Master Data and your other IT systems as simple as possible. Your IT department can set up the integrations that best suit your business needs.

It can be challenging, but we make it look easy

Our team of technical consultants are experts at importing existing data and setting up integrations across a wide variety of different IT systems like payroll and recruitment.

Microsoft Azure Partner

CatalystOne is a Microsoft Azure partner, and we're planning to support additional services and software that are available on the Azure cloud network in the near future, meaning integrating with other services will be easier than ever before. The possibilities are endless!

Which integrations are right for you?

If you have any questions regarding which systems you'd like to integrate with, please feel free to contact us today.