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Corporate Social Responsibility

Because our belief in empowering people reaches far beyond our company

Making a difference

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is incredibly important to us at CatalystOne. We believe in empowering people, and this mindset flows through our entire organisation. It impacts the way we work, the way we act - even the way we approach product development.

Our focus on CSR includes everything from working conditions for our employees and the way we interact with the communities around us, to labour practices, corruption, waste, energy, transportation, procurement, and much more. Led by our People & Culture function, we are committed to continually improving in all of these areas.

Download our report under the Transparency Act - CatalystOne Solution's work on human rights and ethical trade


A passion for people

Our products are all about taking our customers to a level far beyond that which they previously thought possible and in doing so, helping them to achieve truly exceptional results both for their company, and their employees. We're careful to recruit the best people for our business - those who are ready to base their careers on making a difference for our customers, suppliers, and partners.

Not your average tech company

As an IT company, we're well aware of the underrepresentation of women in tech. But we don't let this stand in our way - we're proud to call ourselves a gender-equal company, with 40-50% female representation across all our locations, and at all levels of our business. 

We believe that diverse teams with a variety of qualities and personalities make stronger teams, and we always choose people over labels.


Community Involvement & Development

Our belief in empowering people reaches far beyond our own organisation. At CatalystOne, both our roots and our history have created a strong desire to help less fortunate people, particularly children.

Local to our Chandigarh office is a school with which we have a truly special bond. As well as monetary support including grants and salaries for teachers, we've built both a library and a computer lab for the school, also providing a bus service and assorted IT equipment. Click here to see a video featuring some of the students at the school.

The school gives local boys and girls in need the opportunity to learn how to write and speak English, alongside tuition in other key subjects. There are around 70 students in all, between the ages of four and thirteen. Our aim is to provide these children with a foundation from which they can go on to succeed in life, no matter the path they choose to take. We're incredibly in proud of the work we're doing.

Our values

Not every company can truly say they live up to their values, but at CatalystOne, our value-system is integrated into our everyday lives. That's because we didn't develop our values - our values developed us. We asked ourselves: what makes us great? And four key words stood out. We couldn't be prouder of them.


We take pride in our work and are dedicated to going the extra mile to achieve the desired results


We are open, flexible, and creative, and we adapt to every situation to ensure we find the optimal outcome for our customers


We seek to create value in everything we do, focussing on long-term goals and short-term wins


We trust in ourselves, our colleagues, and our customers, and we take responsibility in all our relationships

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