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A HR system boosted efficiency

Daily routines at the industrial damage and recovery service company, Recover, were previously characterised by a number of manual processes. To become more resourceful and free up time, they invested in a HR system.

Digitalisation and sustainability - two sides of the same coin

Digitilisation and sustainability go hand in hand at Recover – with the primary goal being getting customers back up and running as quickly as possible, in as sustainable a way as possible. To help achieve this, Recover decided to acquire a HR system.

"Digitilisation goes hand in hand with sustainability in our world," says Esben Fuglsang-Hansen, HR Manager, at Recover Denmark.

"We wanted to digitalise to become more efficient, and to free up resources in the organisation so that we could focus more on what we are good at. With regards to sustainability, we have a social responsibility towards our surroundings, and we have a responsibility towards our customers – who are increasingly demanding more from us. By digitilising our processes to a greater extent, we can focus more on the things that make a difference."

The challenge was that many processes were manual and took up a lot of time. Information flow in the organisation happened through Excel spreadsheets being sent back and forth between stakeholders, and managers spent a lot of time on administrative tasks. To solve this, Recover wanted to find a supplier with whom they could cooperate long-term and who had depth in their approach to HR. They found this in CatalystOne.

"The solution we have received from CatalystOne is a complete package. The system has given us control over our processes. Among other things through workflows that are both intuitive and clear on what our managers need to do," says Signe Libak Olsen, HR and Communications Consultant, at Recover Denmark.


Time saved from formalities and administration

Results from the system implementation were quickly visible. For example, it was easier to comply with regulations, and everyday workflows and processes improved significantly. Managers saved time from formalities and administrative tasks. This in turn meant they could focus more on their teams and projects.

"The best thing about CatalystOne is that it's not just a HR system, it's also an employee system. That means it creates a lot of value in our organisation, not just for me personally, but also for all employees and managers. So, it saves our managers a lot of time when they need documents or need to start processes, and it saves employees a lot of time when they need to find their own information such as certificates," says Olsen.

The HR system from CatalystOne has also become important for Recover because it is their master data system.

"All important information is here, and the system sends information to our other systems," says Olsen.

"Like many other businesses, we have several different business systems, and it would require a lot of manual work to update them all. What's smart about CatalystOne is that we have a range of integrations, so when it's updated in CatalystOne, it's updated in all our other systems too."


Good cooperation with CatalystOne

Recover also reports that they are very satisfied with the way they have developed the HR system in collaboration with CatalystOne.

"Our collaboration with CatalystOne is characterised by responsiveness and openness, and we are both very interested in developing both our platform and the system in general,” says Fuglsang-Hansen.

“We provide a lot of information to CatalystOne, and they really listen. When we get something back, it's always something we can use and that fits into our business. The system is tailored to Recover, and not just a 'one size fits all' solution. For a long time, we have wanted a supplier who can listen to our wishes and make them a reality, and we feel heard here." 

About Recover

Recover is an industrial damage restoration company that covers the entire Nordic region and assists insurance companies with special cleaning after water and fire damage, as well as other types of cleaning. Recover has approximately 3,000 employees in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Recover's goal is to bring customers back to their daily lives quickly and sustainably.

Recover's HR-system from CatalystOne

Recover has modules such as HR Masterdata, CV and LMS.

HR Masterdata
HR Masterdata has helped Recover gain control over several internal processes. With the help of built-in workflows, processes such as onboarding and offboarding are now automated, and all stakeholders receive the information they need. HR Masterdata also helps Recover comply with all GDPR regulations through automated deletion routines.

The CV module from CatalystOne has provided both the HR department and managers at Recover with a better overview of the company's skills and competencies. This has been especially useful for employees who are out on assignments. Instead of carrying a large folder with all certificates, they can now simply take out their mobile phones, access CatalystOne, and show the necessary certificates.

LMS (Learning Management System)
The LMS module is crucial for Recover because they work extensively with e-learning. They produce their own content as a specialised business. When they create a new course, they can now send it out to the roles that need it through the LMS module.

Preparation and communication are key

Preparing an organisation for the implementation of a new HR system can be challenging. For Recover, good communication was the key to success.

Esben Fuglsang-Hansen portrett

“If I were to give advice on integrating a HR system like CatalystOne's, I would say prepare the organisation, prepare the leaders, involve some ambassadors, and ensure that the right communication is present at the right time. It has been essential for us. It may sound like a cliché, but communication really makes all the difference.”

– Esben Fuglsang-Hansen, HR Manager, Recover Denmark

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