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Continuous Performance ManagementContinuous Performance Management

Continuous Performance Management is at the heart of an organisational culture promoting openness, feedback and recognition. Reward high-performing employees for their successes, and address poor performance before the problem gets out of hand. Our solution will help you to not only understand how your employees are doing, but to meaningfully improve their performance day by day.

What is Continuous Performance Management?

Unlike traditional performance models that pit employees against one another during annual appraisals focussed on ratings and rankings, Continuous Performance Management seeks to actively improve the performance of your people with regular check-ins and constructive feedback.

layers-iconAppraisals & goals

Digitalise your performance process with the CatalystOne Appraisal Manager. Eliminate unnecessary admin by doing away with outdated spreadsheets, and align targets with wider organisational directives to ensure your people are working towards a common vision.

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Competence MappingCheck-ins

Boost engagement and help your people stay on track with targets through regular check-ins. Frequent feedback and guidance allow you to reward employees for successes as they occur, and fix problem behaviours before they get out of hand.

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Transparency and openness are key drivers of employee engagement, and acting on constructive feedback is one of the best ways to grow as an individual. The CatalystOne Fast Feedback module makes it incredibly simple for your people to share their thoughts after interactions with colleagues and management.

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“If I were to give advice on integrating a HR system like CatalystOne's, I would say prepare the organisation, prepare the leaders, involve some ambassadors, and ensure that the right communication is present at the right time. It has been essential for us. It may sound like a cliché, but communication really makes all the difference.”

– Esben Fuglsang-Hansen, HR Manager, Recover Denmark


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