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Everything you need to know about the CatalystOne HR system

Grow you company with the CatalystOne HR system

CatalystOne is a full suite Human Capital Management HR solution designed for medium and large organisations. Our software provides a solid foundation from which your HR department - alongside management teams - can grow and develop your company through digitalisation of your HR and management processes.

We have more than 15 years' experience in this field, and our customers include some of the most renowned companies in the Nordics. In 2018, Herbert Nathan selected us for their "HR System Implementation Project of the Year" award.


Support for HR and Management

Our HR system supports all major HR and management processes, helping you streamline workflows and reduce workload for HR, managers, and employees. Our solutions also provide senior management with the necessary HR data and analytical insight to support strategic decision-making.

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An HR system that grows with your company

The CatalystOne HR system is cloud based, completely scaleable, and made up of individual modules, each of which supports a different HR function or process. Configure the system to meet your unique requirements, and add additional modules if needed as your organisation grows.

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Automation and streamlining

Manual HR processes can be time consuming not just for HR, but for everyone involved. Digitalising your HR functions offers many advantages. You can, for example, use our Core HR module to automate workflows like onboarding and status reviews to increase efficiency, reduce workload, and eliminate human errors. 

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HR and Performance Dashboards

High-quality HR data and insightful analytics are absolutely essential when making strategic decisions or monitoring the development and performance of your organisation. In order to facilitate easy access to important information, all your employees get their own dashboard displaying performance KPIs, while managers have access to additional dashboards containing relevant information about their team or department.

With the click of a button, your HR staff are able to generate powerful visual reports showcasing HR statistics and information.

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Reduce software license costs

Our customers are able to realise massive savings on software license costs by improving the quality of their employee master data and combining it with automated workflows.

The improved data quality gives IT access to a real-time overview of current licensing requirements, and workflow automation means new requirements are delivered directly to the relevant teams when employees join or leave the company.

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GDPR and HR data

The CatalystOne HR system helps your organisation stay GDPR compliant, supporting all the guidelines around storing, documenting, deleting, and exporting HR data.

In case of a GDPR audit, the system will provide all necessary reports detailing which HR-data is stored and why.

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Integrate your systems

Today, your HR data is very likely duplicated across several systems (payroll, IT, recruitment, etc.), which can impact the quality of your data and may well lead to security concerns. 

But when your data is in sync across all your systems - stored within a centralised master data HR solution - you create a single source of truth containing accurate data you can rely on.

HR Data and Document Management

HR Data and Document Management

Reduce time spent trying to locate information. With CatalystOne, all your important HR documents are stored in a single, secure location.

Data in the CatalystOne HR system is stored according to GDPR requirements and is 100% compliant.

A partner you can trust

"We at CatalystOne understand that selecting an HR system is first and foremost a matter of trust. Are you looking for a long-term partner that understands you and cares about your success? Well, I can tell you that you have come to the right place."

- Avtar S. Jasser, CEO.
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