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Transparency and openness are key drivers of employee engagement, and acting on constructive feedback is one of the best ways to grow as an individual. The CatalystOne Fast Feedback module makes it incredibly simple for your people to share their thoughts after interactions with colleagues and management.

The power of feedback

Transparency and openness are key drivers of employee engagement. We decided to lower the threshold for acknowledgement with a simple tool that functions as a feedback channel for the entire organisation.

As more and more people work across functions, it’s important that feedback channels lack organisational boundaries. With CatalystOne Fast Feedback users can also share received feedback with their managers and this way it can be linked as a valuable input to the appraisal process.

CatalystOne HR-system - Fast Feedback

Easy, instant feedback

Feedback is at its most impactful when it's shared right after the event to which it relates. Our Fast Feedback module makes it easier than ever for your employees to pass on their thoughts after interacting with colleagues. Detailed reports on feedback activity help HR to better understand how successfully your feedback culture is being implemented.

Share feedback with one click

It's always nice to hear someone tell you you've done a great job. With Fast Feedback, employees can proudly share positive feedback with their managers, or the wider organisation. Users can also request feedback from colleagues at any time in order to better understand how their work is perceived by others.

Connected to the appraisal process

Feedback can be directly imported into the CatalystOne Appraisal and Goals module, helping employees demonstrate to their managers just how great a job they're doing.

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A lack of recognition creates uncertainty

There's nothing quite like recognition for making your employees feel valued. By promoting a feedback culture, you ensure that good work doesn't go unnoticed.

Organisations without such mechanisms risk alienating employees who feel they don't get the recognition they deserve, no matter how much hard work they put in. And alienated employees are much less likely to commit their long-term future to their company.

Equip your organisation with the tools it needs to encourage instant recognition with the CatalystOne HR system.

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Direction and recognition with Fast feedback
Feedback gives higher engagement and motivation

Timely feedback keeps employees motivated

At CatalystOne, we're all about lowering the barriers that prevent most organisations from providing timely feedback. While it's great to be recognised for good performance, it's safe to say the impact of a glowing commendation is greatly lessened if it comes many months after the work in question is completed.

Fast Feedback is a single channel, peer-to-peer solution that ensures your people get the feedback they need, without the delay.

Help your people demonstrate their value

Fast Feedback gives your employees a powerful tool with which to demonstrate their value to the organisation, enabling them to share positive feedback with their manager, or with colleagues.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 millennials prefer instant acknowledgement and recognition instead of formal review processes? Studies show that delay in feedback can actually decrease the impact. Equip your organisation with tools that encourage on-the-spot recognition for maximum impact.

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You're in good hands - and good company!

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“HR now has a more efficient working day with a tool that helps us follow up on important processes. We use less time punching in data and looking for crucial information.”

– Trude Husebø, HR Director SKULD