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Boost engagement and help your people stay on track with targets through regular check-ins. Frequent feedback and guidance allow you to reward employees for successes as they occur, and fix problem behaviours before they get out of hand.

Start the dialogue

With the CatalystOne HR-system's module for check-ins, the managers can hold smaller and less formal status meetings with their employees - without having to spend a lot of time on preparations.

Predefined templates and suggestions for talking points, makes the dialogue structured and streamlined, yet agile and easy to execute.

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Quick launch

Stimulate frequent, structured dialogue between managers and employees with quick-launch check-ins. More opportunities to talk means more information on how your people are doing.

Customised templates

Use customisable templates to help guide different kinds of conversations depending on your needs. Formal check-ins ensure appraisal conversations are always documented and stored in the system.

Help your employees meet their full potential through regular status reviews

The life of a manager is often a busy one, which is why many struggle to find the time to have high-quality performance conversations with their team members. But without regular touchpoints, it can be difficult for managers to recognise when individuals are becoming disengaged or demotivated.

To truly thrive, your employees need to feel seen and heard. Offering them regular check-ins does exactly that, also giving your managers the opportunity to work on the kind of developmental goals that help your people reach their full potential. 

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Frequent check-ins improve engagement and support goal achievement

Frequent check-ins are a crucial aspect of the Continuous Performance Management methodology, giving you an in-depth insight into the performance of individuals, teams, and your organisation as a whole.

Managers can use these opportunities to recognise successes within their teams, provide coaching to support employee weaknesses, or adjust goals as priorities change throughout the year.

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Effective, structured status reviews

In order to learn as much as possible from your performance management process, it's important to ensure appraisals are conducted uniformly across your organisation. With the CatalystOne Check-Ins module, you can take advantage of a wide range of templates to help guide high-quality performance conversations that get results. Use predefined templates covering important topics like engagement, development, and work-life balance, or design custom templates to meet your own unique requirements.

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“HR now has a more efficient working day with a tool that helps us follow up on important processes. We use less time punching in data and looking for crucial information.”

– Trude Husebø, HR Director SKULD