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Employee Listening

Start listening to how your employees feel with a series of regular pulse surveys and provide your managers with the tool they need to get insight in the organisational health, opinions, identify issues and strengths in addition to understanding the employee experience.


Together we bring out the best in your employees

CatalystOne have partnered up with Populum to bring you an integrated solution for Employee Listening, which will bring out the best of every team with the innovative insight and survey tool. With Employee Listening, your managers can use insights from surveys to take action or start a dialogue, to ensure each team member is engaged and thriving. 

A survey only takes a few minutes, but the results can have a long-lasting impact. 

Flexible frequency

No matter what frequency is ideal for your organization, Populum can be configured to send out surveys monthly, quarterly or even yearly. You decide if you want multiple smaller surveys or bigger annual surveys or even different types of surveys to cover multiple needs.

Real time results

No need to sit around waiting for the results of the survey. With the Employee Listening solution from Populum, both your employees and the managers get access to the results immediately after the survey is over – ensuring that the results are relevant.

Reports and analytics

Populum generates automated, user-friendly insights, beautifully designed and easy to interpret.

The results can be presented in a variety of forms, both online and in PowerPoint.

Let your master data come to life

Having great quality master data about your employees and the organisation is obviously important – but being able to combine the data with insight into how your employees state-of-mind is even more valuable.

But data alone does not do it. Yor managers need actionable results to be able to take the steps they need to ensure their team truly thrives and the employees feel seen and heard. With Populum the managers can see trends and the development over time, as well as the ability to benchmark the teams results with the rest of the organisation.

Contact us today let us show you how Employee Listening from Populum can breathe life into your master data.


Quick or detailed?

No matter if you want short frequent updates from your teams, or prefer bigger annual company surveys, we have the solution. You decide on the frequency (monthly, quarterly, or annual) and the number of questions you want the employees to answer. The innovative and user-friendly interface makes it quick and easy to set up in a matter of minutes.

Integrated with the rest of your HR-system

The integration with your HR-system and your master data ensures that all the information about team members is correct and always updated. Furthermore, you save time by not having to entering email addresses or setting up the organization-structure and individual team members every time you want to send out a survey. In addition, all organisational changes will automatically and instantly be reflected in Populum.

Intelligent listening

By using machine learning and advanced natural language processing Populum can analyse the free-text comments and organise the feedback into themes which enables you to see trending topics or reoccurring themes in the written feedback, which would be very time-consuming to do manually.

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Stay updated despite distributed teams

When your managers are not physically close to their team, either because they are working from home or are distributed across multiple locations, it can be difficult to get a sense of how the team is doing – and if there is a need to discuss something. 

But with Populum, the employees will receive either an email or a text-message (SMS) to remind them when it is time to fill out the survey. And the results will provide the insights you normally would get from being close to your team. 

Truth though anonymity

To get a true understanding of how the team is doing, it is important that all the team members know they can speak freely and anonymously. Therefore, all answers are 100% anonymous.

Minimum 3 responses are required to generate a team result - and you can choose a even stricter level for your organization if you wish (e.g. minimum 5 responses).

All team members should feel safe to speak their mind and at the same time know that their views are seen as parts of the whole team – allowing the manager to get the best possible view of the status of the team. 

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