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Attract top talent with a professional and efficient recruitment process that boosts collaboration and promotes your brand.


Partner with the market leading ReachMee

We have chosen to partner with the market leading ReachMee in offering recruitment software for a fully digital HR. ReachMee offers a powerful, market-leading solution for discovering, recruiting and hiring talent. CatalystOne and ReachMee have several common customers who wanted to digitalise all their HR processes and enjoy the synergies and the partnership.

If you already have recruitment software you are happy with, you can still use CatalystOne HR-solutions without losing any benefits.

Easy publication and advertising

Design an awesome careers page that contains all the information applicants need to get excited about your brand. Reach candidates via their preferred channels through seamless integration with top job application sites and social media platforms. Smart advertising guarantees great feedback and quality applications.


Improve collaboration with a powerful tool that supports your entire recruitment process. Flexible access allows colleagues across different teams to participate in reviews, and an informative careers page ensures you attract the right candidates.

Automation and efficiency

Customisable workflows make it easy to adapt the recruitment process to your organisation's unique needs. Automation helps you manage large volumes of applicants, preventing delays that might damage your reputation. KPIs and ROI reports let you measure the quality of your recruitment drives and the efficiency of your advertising channels.

Hiring the wrong person is expensive and disruptive

Recruitment can be time consuming, requiring lots of admin and input both from managers and HR. Nevertheless, it's absolutely crucial for the long-term health of your organisation.

Hiring the wrong person for a given role costs money, wastes time, and negatively impacts productivity. In extreme cases, it can even damage your reputation amongst customers and other external stakeholders.

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Collaborate in pursuit of the perfect candidate

Both recruiters and hiring managers benefit from a simplified, collaborative recruitment process. Make use of customisable templates to help drive high-quality conversations, and invite colleagues to take part in reviews if you need a second opinion.

KPIs give you additional insight into your end-to-end recruitment process, enabling you to optimise your chosen communication channels.

Attract and hire top talent

Attract the best people available in your industry by building a powerful brand and an effective careers website. Once you have the candidates you're looking for, consistent communication and a smooth, simple process ensure a positive candidate experience.

Automation helps HR and line managers deal with large volumes of applications, and detailed guides steer even inexperienced managers through interviews, letting them focus on what really matters - getting to know the person behind the application.

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“HR now has a more efficient working day with a tool that helps us follow up on important processes. We use less time punching in data and looking for crucial information.”

– Trude Husebø, HR Director SKULD