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Organisation & CultureOrganisation & Culture

Discover whether your people are embodying your values and learn how to better understand your corporate culture through advanced survey and feedback functionality. Our Organisation and Culture solution has been designed to help you engage your people in open and honest discussion, facilitating an ongoing dialogue through scheduled follow-ups and well-organised feedback.

Keep your finger on the pulse

CatalystOne's Feedback and Survey modules facilitate an ongoing dialogue between your organisation and the people who work for you. 360-degree feedback helps employees gain a deeper insight into their own skills and competencies, and surveys help managers better understand the challenges that are impacting their teams.

layers-icon360-degree Feedback With CatalystOne 360 Feedback, employees have access to a wealth of information about their own performance. This knowledge, based on accurate and fair assessments, can be used to help guide developmental priorities.

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layers-iconEmployee Survey

Employee Survey provides you with a frank and honest assessment of how you're doing as an organisation. As well as highlighting what's working, you'll also be able to identify opportunities to improve engagement and employee satisfaction. Ask broad questions to give your people an open forum, or choose tailored survey topics to gain insights into specific areas of interest.

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“We now have an integrated IT tool that will help us improve the way we structure management and employee development, and feedback is an important part of our culture.”

– Kristin Sætevik, Director Organizational Development and Communications, FINN

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