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Stena Metall Group improves performance management with solutions from CatalystOne

In this case study we will explore how Stena has implemented the CatalystOne HR suite to boost employee satisfaction and streamline their recruitment and on-boarding processes.


In recent years, Stena Metall has worked actively to establish performance management as a tool in the company. The cornerstone of this effort has been regular performance appraisals. In 2011, Stena Metall implemented software from CatalystOne Solutions in one of the group companies to support their performance management activities. We had a chat with Stena Metall’s HR Manager, Bosse Ericsson, about their experiences so far.

Individual goals for all employees – even in production

“In the spring of 2011, we conducted an employee survey which showed that the implementation rate for performance appraisals was much lower than we would have liked,” says Bosse Ericsson, HR and Project Manager at Stena Metall. “Competition is increasing daily and the company badly needed a better performance management process,” says Ericsson. The aim was to help individual employees to focus even more on their performance and contribute positively to achieving the organisation’s goals.

“To get started and gain more experience, we chose Stena Aluminium, a company with about 100 employees, most of whom work in production. This enabled us to touch on all aspects of performance management in a representative company for Stena Metall,” continues Ericsson.

A new process defined

A new, improved performance appraisal was defined. The new content addresses issues such as goal evaluation and planning, ensuring personal development and compliance with Stena’s values.

“The conduct criteria linked to our values has been developed during workshops, with strong support from the organisation. We found that our employees, both in production and in management, had the same views,” says Ericsson.

He tells that great emphasis was placed on using language in the solution that was adapted to Stena Aluminium. This has helped to make the system feel familiar and safe, and made the initial phase run smoothly. Naturally, it is a challenge to involve employees in a new electronically assisted process when they do not have direct access to computers at work. The solution was made available to everyone who had access to a computer, and a special document was developed to make it possible to prepare for performance appraisals on paper as well.

“We experienced that the vast majority of both production and office employees made their preparations electronically, at work or at home. However, there were still some who did it on paper,” says a delighted Ericsson. Managers are responsible for logging everything in the system, while employees confirm that the content is correct. This provides Stena Aluminium with a good overview of all agreed development measures.

IT support – a must

“We realised early on that if Stena Metall is to succeed with performance management, it is absolutely necessary to have IT support for the process,” explains Ericsson.

Stena Metall has three core values: simplicity, reliability and development When selecting the system, the company placed great emphasis on meeting these three values.

“An important condition was that performance management work should not be too academic, and that the system should be flexible and simple enough to be used across the entire organisation, not least among production workers. The solution presented by CatalystOne Solutions satisfied all these requirements,” explains Ericsson. “In addition, we achieved reliability through CatalystOne Solutions’ extensive expertise in HR and technology, their support systems and their ability to develop the solution to meet future needs.”


Today, all employees of Stena Aluminium have gone through performance appraisals. “It is very encouraging to see that all our employees have set up at least one individual goal for their work. Feedback from employees shows that they feel comfortable with the topics and issues that are discussed during performance appraisals.”

Moving forward

“Based on the experiences from Stena Aluminium, which is continuing to work with the system, several other units within Stena Metall have shown interest in adopting a similar process. We are placing particular emphasis on ensuring that all employees have the opportunity to work towards concrete performance goals, set personal development goals and, not least, get feedback on their performance in the longer term. This bodes well with regard to our ambition to reinforce a performance culture within the company,” concludes Bosse Ericsson.


"We realised early on that if Stena Metall is to succeed with performance management, it is absolutely necessary to have IT support for the process." - Bosse Ericsson,
HR Manager, Stena Metall

The challenge

Stena had a low implementation rate for performance appraisals, and was therefore unable set individual goals for their employees.

The solution

Establishment of a new performance management process supported by software from CatalystOne Solutions.

The benefits

Now that all employees have set at least one individual goal, the entire organisation has become more goal-oriented. In addition, the process has become easier and more transparent for both managers, employees and the HR department.

About Stena Metall Group

The Stena Metall Group has recycling operations at around 250 facilities in 12 countries. The Stena Metall Group meets customer requirements for waste processing and recycles waste into valuable new raw materials. Their combined offering of products and services can be adapted to all sectors and industries and customised for each customer.The Group also engages in steel trading and aluminium production, in addition to international trading activities in steel, oil and finance. Stena Metall strives constantly to set an example and be the most innovative company in all our businesses. They have over 70 years of combined experience and expertise, shareholders with a long-term perspective and strong business acumen.

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