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IPCO brings workers in 35 countries together with digital HR tools from CatalystOne

IPCO provides advanced process solutions that require a deep knowledge of customer production processes across a wide range of industries and geographies.


When big changes happen, you can either take the reins and decide where they’ll take you, or you can let them drag you where they may.

When IPCO joined the Wallenberg Group as an independent company in 2017, it was the perfect time to decide about what kind of company they wanted to be and how they wanted to work.

Start with the heart

The decision to make HR processes the beginning of their digitalisation journey was an obvious step for IPCO because people are the beating heart of the company. IPCO staff were already used to using a digital HR system, and that gave the HR team a place to start when building their vision of where to go next. They knew they wanted to take digitalisation even further, which meant the first step was to find a user-friendly system that could grow with them. They needed a solution that would help their managers across 35 countries coordinate staff and keep information up to date without a lot of complicated training and orientation. And from a business perspective, they needed good control over their employee data, which would allow HR to support the growth of the company through smart reporting and strategic thinking.

Why did CatalystOne stand out?

“The most positive part about working with CatalystOne was its user-friendliness,” said IPCO’s HR project leader. “That’s what we get the most positive feedback about from managers. They think it's very easy to understand. They’re used to doing a lot of different steps and this is so much simpler!”

What IPCO’s HR team felt was CatalystOne’s unique selling point was how our people worked together with them as a team during implementation. When starting out, they had been somewhat nervous to tackle such a big project and felt unsure how it was all going to turn out. But with CatalystOne’s support, working closely with a dedicated project manager, it ended up being a very positive, educational experience.

“The most important point is that we chose a partner. You need someone you can work with, someone who wants your organisation to get the best results. That’s what we found. CatalystOne doesn’t just want to sell you a system, they want to help you build your company.”

The team at IPCO were not the only ones who thought it was a great collaboration; IPCO was selected as a finalist in the Swedish HR Project of the Year in 2019 award by a jury of HR directors and HerbertNathan & Co’s HCM Business Manager.

From small tasks to big business

Since implementing the CatalystOne system to handle their master data, the company has saved both time and money by automating various HR processes, alongside a greater effort to work digitally in many areas, including global communications which saves on travel cost and the environmental impact that inevitably causes.

The business benefits from digital HR specifically are clear for IPCO. Their HR Hub, as they call it, puts everything their managers need at their fingertips, replacing the need to contact HR for help. With country managers responsible for business results in each region, this self-service way of working means they have more time to focus on business-critical work, while HR has more time to focus on strategy and future-planning. The response to this change has been very positive, and managers are relieved that they don’t have to spend so much time dealing with administrative tasks.

Where to next?

IPCO will continue their journey to build a solid HR system, finding ways to utilise data and build strong processes around the system, leveraging its functionalities to support the business.

When we asked what advice the IPCO team would give to others considering digitalising HR, they had this to say: “This kind of change takes time and you need to be patient. It’s not a quick fix, it’s a behavioural change and a change in people’s way of thinking. It’s our job in HR to support the business, designing and driving the process to enable business success.

The challenge

When IPCO became an independent company, they needed to find a system that would help them coordinate staff across 35 countries while keeping good control over employee data.

The solution

CatalystOne's Master Data solution helped save time and money and formed part of a wider effort to work digitally in many areas.

Why did IPCO choose CatalystOne?

"The most important point is that we chose a partner. You need someone you can work with, someone who wants your organisation to get the best results. That’s what we found. CatalystOne doesn’t just want to sell you a system, they want to help you build your company."

Learn more about our Master Data module

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