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Succession Planning

CatalystOne Succession Planner helps your HR department to better visualise and document, and execute your succession plan, meaning it's far easier to pinpoint suitable internal candidates for key roles.

Is your organisation struggling to meet the career aspirations of its people?

For many organisations, the employee appraisal process is challenging, and the completion rate low. Managers are under pressure to process multiple team members, and a lack of structured feedback and clear goals leads to low employee satisfaction.

Are you experiencing:

  • Difficulty in identifying potential at both an organisational, and an employee level?
  • An inability to meet the career aspirations of your people, or find the right candidates for internal opportunities?
  • A lack of skills, both in the short and long term? 


Successors for critical positions

Identify promising candiates for critical positions

CatalystOne Succession Planner simplifies the process of finding talent for key positions, streamlining the identification and selection of suitable successors, and allowing you to prepare your people for future opportunities well ahead of time.

Enhanced career and succession planning

Succession Planner gives you a comprehensive overview of the future of your organisation, suggesting suitable candidates from your talent pool for any given role, and highlighting key positions where you're lacking potential successors and may have to look externally.

  • View appraisal evaluations, including any potential “flight risk” of key staff.
  • Include training initiatives in the development plans of potential successors, preparing them for future roles well in advance.

Customise the entire process according to your organisation’s unique requirements.


You're in good hands - and good company!

Join 200+ other Nordic organisations who are already handling their HR with the CatalystOne HR software suite.


“CatalystOne helps us create an employee experience that is consistent throughout our organisation. It also helps us get much more data and gather data in a clearer way.”

– Fredrik Wessel, Chief HR Officer NLTG

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