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Sweden's most innovative law firm chooses CatalystOne

Delphi is one of Sweden's largest and most innovative law firms with a vision to drive the industry forward. To achieve this, a well-functioning organisation that is at the forefront of digitilisation and technology is needed.

From analogue processes to digital life

Before Delphi digitalised its HR processes, everything was managed with Excel and Word documents. This meant, among other things, that the HR department did not have a complete overview of processes or the organisation – something that did not align with their otherwise progressive profile.

Delphi started its HR digitilisation by looking for a system for employee performance management and 360-feedback. It wanted a HR system with a structure and processes that would match its organisation, minimise the administrative work for HR, as well as one that was modern and user-friendly for managers and employees. It also wanted a supplier that is responsive and able to adapt the system based on experience and feedback from the customer.

The law firm made a thorough assessment of the market and numerous suppliers before it landed on CatalystOne. It was CatalystOne's solution for 360 feedback, combined with very good customer support references, that contributed to that decision, says Karin Ellioth Olsson, HR & Talent Manager at Delphi. It was also important for Delphi to choose a well-established supplier with many years of experience and a significant customer base.

A good HR system makes everyday life easier for HR, managers, and employees

The first thing Delphi wanted to get going was performance reviews and 360-feedback. After implementing modules for these processes, the company wanted to adopt more CatalystOne solutions that could simplify and improve HR work. So, it implemented the Core HR module.

This helped Delphi centralise all personnel data and automate much of the onboarding and off-boarding processes. Previously, Excel documents were used to do this where all processes and information had to be logged and entered manually. With Core HR, the firm was able to replace these manual processes with workflows that automatically send out notifications to everyone involved, so everyone knows exactly what to do and when it needs to be done. At the same time, HR gets a good overview of all steps in the process.

"If you are still working with Word documents and Excel sheets, you should think again and look at what kind of HR system is out there. It both simplifies and improves the work of the HR department, and it is easy for all new employees to put into the HR system as part of their onboarding," says Olsson.

Delphi also uses CatalystOne's LMS (Learning Management System) module for courses and training, as well as an employee satisfaction measurement module provided by CatalystOne's partner Populum. The reports from the satisfaction surveys are actively used by HR to understand how the organisation is doing and make it possible for them to proactively take measures if necessary.

The flexible and user-friendly HR system from CatalystOne has solved many of the logistical challenges for Delphi, while HR now has the means to develop the strategic HR work. Very little now falls through the cracks at Delphi, and both HR and managers have an improved working day says Olsson. 

A good HR department depends on well-functioning digital systems

"A modern HR department is not just an administrative unit," says Olsson.

"A modern HR department is a central part of the organisation and provides a range of services to help the company achieve its overall goals. These include attracting the best talent, recruiting them with a flexible recruitment process, offering a good onboarding that makes that new employees feel welcome and get up and running quickly.

“We are a knowledge-based company, so our employees need tools to constantly develop. The HR department facilitates both training programs and employee interviews. In order for the HR department to be able to offer the best possible services, it is necessary they, like any other department, have well-functioning digital tools to do their jobs."


About Delphi

Delphi is one of Sweden's largest law firms. The firm works exclusively with business law and has around 200 employees spread over five offices in Sweden – Stockholm, Gothenburg, Linköping, Malmö and Norrköping. By combining business understanding with innovative ways of thinking, Delphi tailors its services, offerings and expertise to its clients' diverse needs and unique challenges. Delphi drives development forward and constantly challenges itself, its customers, and the industry.

Digitalising HR is part of a larger change

Over 200,000 employees use CatalystOne to improve HR processes, increase employee engagement and secure HR master data. Maybe your employees deserve the same?

“If you're still working with Word documents and Excel sheets, you should think again and look at what kind of HR systems are out there. It both simplifies and improves the work of the HR department and it is easy for all new employees to familiarise themselves with the HR system as part of their onboarding”

– Karin Ellioth Olsson, HR & Talent Manager, Delphi

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