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Appraisals & Goals

Digitalise your performance process with the CatalystOne Appraisal Manager. Eliminate unnecessary adminstration by doing away with outdated spreadsheets, and align targets with wider organisational directives to ensure your people are working towards a common vision.

Digitalise your performance process

With digital support for your performance management process, the process becomes streamlined and agile, while still being documented. Both employees, HR and managers can track the progress on their own individual dashboards.

You can align the individual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with the overall shared corporate goals and ensure that every employee plays a part of a bigger goal.


Process support

Support your managers and employees throughout the entire appraisal process, including preparation, evaluation, alignment, and goal-definition, as well as with regular follow-ups across the year. Templates structure performance conversations for increased consistency.

Agile goal and KPI alignment

Align employee goals with those of managers and the organisation as a whole to keep everyone moving in the same direction. And with priorities often changing during the course of a year, dynamic KPI and goal adjustment give you the agility you to adapt as necessary.

Personal career development

Shift the focus away from quantitative ratings by taking advantage of career planning and personal development tools. If any learning objectives are identified, link them directly to relevant training courses to provide tangible steps your employees can take to achieve their targets.

Everyone pulling in the same direction

The best way to achieve your goals as a business is to reflect them in the targets of each and every one of your employees. But with shifting market conditions and disruptive technologies shaking things up all too often, your business must be able to react quickly as priorities change - targets set in January may well be redundant before the year is out.

Keep your people on track and engaged with clear, flexible, and meaningful goals.

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Minimise administration by taking your appraisals online

The appraisal process is absolutely vital to the long-term success of your business, giving you the chance to improve the performance of every single individual in your organisation. But though important, conducting tens, hundreds, or even thousands of appraisals takes up an enormous amount of time.

By bringing your appraisal process online, you're able to eliminate thousands of man-hours of unnecessary administration across your company, giving your staff more time to do the jobs your hired them for.

Show your top talent the way forward

Appraisals shouldn't only be about gauging the performance of individuals in your organisation, they should also seek to enhance and improve it.

Shifting the focus towards career planning and individual development ensures your employees feel valued. And with a clear plan for progression and advancement in place, your people are far more likely to commit to your vision long term.

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You're in good hands - and good company

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“ With Appraisal and Goals from CatalystOne, our "People Performance" process has become a great success.”

– Trude Husebø, Global Head of Human Resources, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics.