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360-degree Feedback

With CatalystOne 360 Feedback, employees have access to a wealth of information about their own performance. This knowledge, based on accurate and fair assessments, can be used to help guide developmental priorities.

The bigger picture

If your employees only ever hear feedback from line managers, they're missing out on a great deal of information about their own ability and how others perceive their work.

360-degree feedback gives your people so much more, helping to highlight key strengths and weaknesses, as well as any blindspots. When we better understand how others see us, it's easier to identify what we need to work on.

Don't let your employees invent their own reality - give them robust, holistic feedback, helping them take their careers forwards.


Focus on development

Feedback is an incredible catalyst for personal improvement, enabling us both to play to our strengths, and to work on our weaknesses - some of which we may not have known we had in the first place.

CatalystOne 360 Feedback gives your employees ownership of their own development, helping them to create meaningful improvement plans and take control of their careers. The result is greater accountability and increased commitment.

Balanced, holistic feedback

CatalystOne 360 Feedback helps you gather feedback from all the people your employees interact with, including subordinates, peers, and supervisors, providing a complete picture of how the individual in question is functioning in their role.

While managers tend to focus predominantly on productivity, feedback from other colleagues often sheds light on other skills, such as collaboration and leadership. The end result is a more balanced view of characteristics and behaviours.


Collecting and collating feedback

You're in good hands - and good company!

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“CatalystOne has the tools that best support the implementation of our management development processes.”

– Ingeborg Sivertsen, Vice President Corporate HR, KONGSBERG