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Digital absence management provides consistency across your entire organisation, allowing for simple, transparent registration and follow-up of leave and sick days. Automating your absence process not only increases quality, it's also far more efficient both for HR, and for your employees.

Absence & Vacation management

It have never been easier to keep track of absence in your organisation and team, with the CatalystOne Absence Manager.

Employees can register their own sick-days and request vacation and leave-of-absence, and the managers and HR can keep track on remaining vacation days, number of total sick-days and much more.


Self-service absence management

Employees can register all absence types in an interactive calendar, automatically triggering an approval process and notifying the relevant manager. Dashboard widgets shows how many sick or vacation days have been used, and there are built-in measures to ensure employees aren't able to take unauthorised leave.

Automated processes

Approval processes are automatically triggered as new requests are received by the system, with managers notified as soon as they need to take action. Follow up on long-term sick leave and export the relevant data to your payroll system automatically.

Absence reports

Absence reports give valuable insight into potential problem areas, and HR Master Data analysis can be carried out to identify trends in absence behaviour. Use the knowledge gained to put corrective measures in place before the situation deteriorates.

Is your absence process out of control?

Disorganised absence processes make it hard to follow up requests, and even harder to keep track of how many vacation days your employees are due, or how many sick days are being taken. This leads to frustration for managers, employees, and HR.

  • Manual absence management is time-consuming and creates long delays in the approval process.
  • No overview for employees leads to a large number of unnecessary requests to HR and managers.
  • Lack of controls result in unauthorised absences
  • Are you unsure whether your employees are taking more vacation than they should be?
  • Do managers struggle to convince some employees to take all the vacation required by law?

Contact us if you'd like to know how CatalystOne can help you solve challenges like these - and more.



Manage absence with minimum effort

With digital absence management, you can automate all your absence processes for simpler, more streamlined workflows. Managers are able to quickly respond to leave requests, with alerts notifying them when they need to take action.

  • Automated processes lessen the administrative burden associated with managing absence.
  • Notifications help managers respond to requests quickly.
  • A unified and structured process for approval decreases frustration among employees and managers alike.
  • Help managers be compliant and ensure that employees take all required vacation.


Keep your organisation healthy and happy to reduce unwanted absence

Your employees have easy access to their absence information in a simple dashboard, and sick leave registration and vacation requests can be made in seconds. Managers and HR are able to view live statuses for any employee, or track historical and planned absences all in one place. Powerful reporting and analytical tools facilitate trend-analysis to identify and address problem areas, helping to keep your organisation healthy and happy.

Contact us today and we'll show you how we can help keep your organisation healthy and happy with the CatalystOne HR solution.

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Thonje Cock

“Marlink is a global organisation with employees of 20 different nationalities spread across the world. We needed software that could help us take care of our employees.”

– Thonje Cock, HR Business Partner, Marlink AS