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CatalystOne Calibrator gives your organisation the ability to quality assure employee assessments. When you better understand your people, it's a far simpler task to identify top talent.

Uniform assessments

Ask two managers to assess the same staff member and there's a good chance you're going to get two very different reports back. But these kinds of inconsistencies result in unreliable data that makes it difficult for HR to provide accurate statistics to leadership teams. CatalystOne's Calibration module eliminates the guesswork, standardising assessments for all your staff and supporting managers by helping them avoid unconscious bias.

performance reviews

Simple, effective, and uniform performance reviews

It's important to ensure your managers are held accountable for their evaluations. A great way of doing this is to conduct evaluation calibration, requiring managers to justify ratings assigned to employees.

With CatalystOne Calibrator, managers can quality-assure their staff assessments for increased consistency and accuracy.

Identify both high and low-performing employees

Every employee is represented by a comprehensive scorecard detailing achievements and expertise, as well as potential growth areas and personal information.

These scorecards combine to form an enormous source of knowledge for HR, helping with company-wide performance analysis, or providing the ability to drill down to teams or individuals if required.


You're in good hands - and good company!

Join 200+ other Nordic organisations who are already handling their HR with the CatalystOne HR software suite.


“CatalystOne helps us create an employee experience that is consistent throughout our organisation. It also helps us get much more data and gather data in a clearer way.”

– Fredrik Wessel, Chief HR Officer NLTG