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Onboarding & Offboarding

Create an incredible employee experience - even before your new hire starts! Automatically enrol new staff in social events or foundational training programs, helping them hit the ground running. And when it's time for a staff member to move on, automated offboarding makes leaving your company a smooth and simple process.

Automated onboarding workflows

Automated workflows simplify onboarding to ensure your new hires get off to the best possible start. All relevant parties, including managers, IT, and payroll will be notified of the start date, with preparatory tasks assigned to ensure everything's in place from day one. The HR-system ensures that reminders are sent to ensure deadlines on track in the process.


Pre-boarding process support

Maximise engagement and help your new employees hit the ground running. With full support for pre-boarding processes it becomes easy to involve the new talents in social meetups and sign them up to training programs to be prepared for the new job. This will not only help you keep more new hires longer, but their productivity and engagement will rise faster.


When an onboarding or offboarding process begins, the system will notify all involved parties of their responsibilities, tracking action completion and sending out automatic reminders for overdue tasks.

Automated offboarding workflows

Automated offboarding helps you mitigate risks and save costs. When someone leaves your organisation, the correct people will be notified to ensure system access is revoked, licenses are terminated, and equipment returned. You can also set up automatic deletion of personal data to facilitate compliance with GDPR and other data privacy regulations.


eSignature technology is fundamental to a truly digital organisation. Sign documents, speed up approval processes, and minimise printing costs and office clutter.

Finding it hard to keep your new hires and get them up to speed?

Effective onboarding is extremely important - after all, there's no point investing heavily to bring in the best talent only to see them leave again within the first year. But for most organisations, onboarding is relatively informal, often handled with spreadsheets and checklists that are all-too-easily ignored or forgotten. Unstructured onboarding gives your new hires a bad first impression, and prevents them from hitting the ground running.

Contact us today to learn how to get your new hires up to speed faster with the CatalystOne HR system.



Awesome employee experiences from day one

Digital onboarding lets you get the process of welcoming new hires to your organisation underway the moment they accept your offer. Relevant people - like HR, IT, and line mangers - will be notified of their responsibilities right away, ensuring there's plenty of time to line up things like laptops, access, and office space.

First impressions are everything - with CatalystOne, you'll always make a good one!

Simple, safe offboarding

It's an often-overlooked fact that former employees can be either some of the best - or worst - ambassadors for your brand. A friendly and professional offboarding process is a good way to maintain goodwill. At the same time, robust processes ensure you're protected, with all equipment returned, system access revoked, and associated licenses terminated.

Advanced functionality in HR Master Data helps you structure and automate offboarding for improved quality and efficiency. Talk to us today to find out how we can help.

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You're in good hands - and good company!

Join 200+ other Nordic organisations who are already handling their HR with the CatalystOne HR software suite.


“There's no longer need for HR to remind everyone on routines. With digital HR and management processes, we use more time on what creates value. We trust the high quality of our processes. It's about forward-thinking, and strengthening organisational competitiveness.”

– Lillevi E. Øglænd Ivarson, SVP HR & Organisation Development, FLOKK