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CatalystOne CV helps keep employee CVs up to date, automatically populating them with relevant information from your other systems. Sophisticated auto-generation functionality allows you to create CVs suitable for many different situations, depending on your requirements.

Keep CVs up-to-date with employee information

Your employees' personal information, skills, and certifications change all the time. Without a digital CV solution like CatalystOne, keeping CVs up to date can be a real hassle - particularly if you need several versions for different situations. As a result, tender and procurement processes can often be very time-consuming, and it's difficult to maintain a uniform approach when there's a rush to throw something together at the last minute.


Produce CVs quickly, and keep them up to date automatically

CatalystOne makes CV creation incredibly straightforward, and it takes just a few clicks to put together a professional document containing all the information you need.

Define CV templates and have your employees input basic information about their education and competencies. The rest of the document will be updated through synchronisation with the Learning module, with relevant certifications and training courses automatically included.

Searchability and export

Use our built-in search engine – and a wide range of search criteria – to find people with relevant expertise and experience for internal recruitment drives and project staffing. Filters further refine your search results, and when you're ready you can export exactly the CVs you need.

Want to see how we can help you manage and generate CVs? Feel free to contact us, or book a demonstration.


You're in good hands - and good company!

Join 200+ other Nordic organisations who are already handling their HR with the CatalystOne HR software suite.

Jenny Garneij

“With the CatalystOne system, several of our processes are both faster and more effective. We can also, in an extremely short time, create reports and data that allow us to do real "people analytics" which helps our managers make better and more precise decisions.”

– Jenny Garneij, Chief Human Capital Officer, Nordnet

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about CatalystOne or the CV module, feel free to contact us directly.