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Work Balance

Work Balance provides insight into whether your organisation and its employees are in balance at work. Focusing exclusively on two questions – how much time employees feel they have, and how balanced they feel their work challenges are – reports and widgets will enable managers and HR staff to identify employees and departments that are facing challenges and actively help to resolve them.

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A barometer for your business

Everyone knows about work-life balance, but how do you know if your employees are in balance at work? When employees have too much or too little to do, their work quality, satisfaction and engagement suffers. Work Balance helps HR and management gain insight into overall balance and helps identify individuals, or entire teams and departments, that might either be struggling or under-utilised.


A key part of the bigger picture

Depending on your needs, Work Balance can be set up to recur each week, month or quarter. Unlike other pulse surveys, the Work Balance survey consists of only two questions and is not anonymous, making it much easier to act on the results. For HR, this means gaining a good idea of how the overall organisation is doing, while managers can focus on their own departments as well as individual employees. Zooming out, trend reports provide the data you need to assess the balance in individual departments as well as your entire organisation.

A workforce in balance means happy customers

Studies have shown that there is a direct link between satisfied employees and happy customers, so it simply makes good business sense to invest in discovering what your employees need to stay loyal and satisfied. This, in turn, can improve staff retention rates, boost your employer brand, and create in-house brand ambassadors.

A commitment to finding balance in your organisation will mean happier, more engaged employees – which naturally leads to happy, loyal customers.


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