On-Demand WebinarSigma - The winner of HR System Project of the Year 2020 (Årets HR-systemprojekt) share their experiences & top tips

Learnings and keys to success for a HR system project!

Last year, Sigma Group implemented a new HR system that covers all of Sigma's 31 companies. The project was run by business developer / project manager Eva Olsson, in close and successful collaboration with HR and IT. With the support and direct involvement of Sigma Group's CIO, Christian Malmberg, it was possible to ensure that the organisation optimized system implementation from both a needs and security perspective.

This project brought Sigma Group all the way to the top in the HR System Project of the Year 2020 (Årets HR-systemproject) - after a thorough evaluation by an independent jury led by Herbert Nathan & Co.


Eva and Christian from Sigma will in this webinar share their experiences and keys to success based on a HR system project which has proved its value, positive results and savings for the entire organisation. 

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Our guests on the webinar: 


Eva_OlssonEva Olsson,
Project Manager/ Business Developer
– Sigma IT Consulting



christian_malmberg_itChristian Malmberg,
Senior IT Executive, CIO
– Sigma IT Consulting


markus_ekestamMarkus Ekestam,
Sales Manager
– CatalystOne 




Cristina Eriksson bildCristina Eriksson
Project Manager 
– CatalystOne



Some of the topics Sigma will share their insights about during the webinar:

  • IT strategy for HR and collaboration across functions
  • Business case and the importance of thorough preparations
  • Tips for building a successful project team
  • Challenges and lessons learned
  • COVID-19 and the value of an HR system
  • Results and feedback from the organisation
  • Q&A


Do not miss this opportunity to learn from Sigma's experiences with tips and advice for you who are facing a similar digitalisation journey. Take part in what distinguished this particular system implementation among many others and which made Sigma win the title of HR System Project of the Year 2020! 

About Sigma

Sigma is a leading consulting group with an objective to make their customers more competitive. Their means is technological know-how and a constant passion for finding better solutions. Sigma Group consists of 31 separate consultancies with close to 5,000 employees in fourteen countries. Sigma is owned by Danir, held by the Dan Olofsson family.

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