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Svenska Spel and the journey to provide Sweden's best digital employee experience

Svenska Spel is Sweden's national gaming company with roots dating back to 1897, and with well-known brands such as Lotto, Triss, Stryktipset, and Oddset. Their vision was to create the best digital employee experience in Sweden—a mission that began with an HR system from CatalystOne.

Svenska Spel and the journey to provide Sweden's best digital employee experience

What does it really take to create the best digital employee experience in Sweden? For Svenska Spel, the answer was simple: a well-thought-out, intuitive, and modern system landscape with well-functioning integrations. This would in turn mean it is easy to do the right thing and develop further with. They found both with CatalystOne.


The path to an HCM-system

Previously, the company used an HRM system to manage employment flows, payroll processing, and all reporting within each area. However, the system was outdated, and its data structure and technical capacity had limitations. So when the contract period expired, the decision was made to invest in a separate system for reporting and managing employment flows.

And so, the journey towards the best digital employee experience in Sweden began.


On the hunt for more than just a system supplier 

Before embarking on the procurement process, Svenska Spel prepared a clear project plan outlining its objectives, specifications, and long-term HR system strategy. This made sure that suppliers who could not meet these needs were filtered out early. An important factor in choosing a supplier was to find one that would not only be a service provider but a working partner. The choice then became easy - not only did CatalystOne meet all the specification needs but it was very focused on relationship building and long-term partnership.

“The choice of strategic partner is about trust for us at Svenska Spel. We were not looking for a service provider, but a reliable partner with whom we can develop further. We found this in our partnership with CatalystOne, where we work together as a team, contributing expertise and drive from both sides and having an ongoing dialogue,” Åsa Engström, Product Owner, Svenska Spel.

Svenska Spel kundcase
Svenska Spel, together with CatalystOne, were finalists in the HR System Project of the Year 2023. In the picture from left; Markus Ekestam from CatalystOne, David Pickin and Åsa Engström from Svenska Spel.

The objectives for implementing the system included:

  • It should be "easy to do it right and take responsibility".
  • Automated workflows that save time.
  • Automated signing process for employment contracts.
  • Better control over resource consultants within the corporation.
  • Establish HR-masterdata.
  • The system should have a modern integration interface that can handle event-driven data transfers.

Svenska Spel's thorough preparations and CatalystOne's proven work process with frequent dialogues and regular follow-ups turned out to be major success factors in the project. The attitude from both parties has been positive and solution-oriented, with the focus on creating value. A steering group was also established at Svenska Spel and one at CatalystOne, with the possibility to convene a joint steering group, which meant that any challenges that arose during the project could be effectively resolved.

“The collaboration that the technical project management had with CatalystOne's technical consultants was invaluable. CatalystOne's responsiveness and competence to quickly find new ways and solutions when other parties from a technical perspective could not implement changes were decisive,” Åsa Engström.


A system for everyone: HR, managers, and employees

With the new system in place, managers and HR specialists at Svenska Spel can handle the entire onboarding of a new employee digitally. This includes everything from registering employment information and signing employment contracts to assigning a user account and email address. The reporting functions are easy for system specialists to manage, and the lead times are much shorter compared to previous system support. It is a timely, modern, and self-explanatory system with a multitude of automated workflows that save time for managers and at the same time contribute to a positive experience for the employees.

“"With a new automated onboarding flow, the new employee receives a wonderful welcome email and can easily log into the system and quickly get started from the first day of work. The employee experience has improved significantly, at the same time as the time savings for both HR and managers are considerable," Åsa Engström.

Immediately after the launch, the short-term goals from HR management were that all employment contracts should be signed via the built-in e-signing function, and all consultants with employment-like relationships should be registered in the system This was quickly achieved. In addition, it was quickly noted that managers used the prescribed processes and methods without the need for guidance, which means that it has become easier to do right and take responsibility. All employees of Svenska Spel have also received a new digital platform with self-service function and an overview of their own employment, something they did not have access to previously.

The feedback from the operations has been positive, and the system is experienced as easy to navigate with an understandable interface, where everything is clear, neat, and collected in one place. The implementation of CatalystOne has definitely been the start of our journey towards Sweden's best digital employee experience, and we look forward to developing further together,” Åsa Engström.


About Svenska Spel

AB Svenska Spel is a state-owned company with 1,400 employees, 5,200 agents, and 4 million customers. Svenska Spel creates sustainable gaming experiences that contribute to a better Sweden, and all profits go to the state treasury. Svenska Spel is also Sweden's largest sports sponsor at both elite and grassroots levels.

Digitalising HR as part of a greater change

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Åsa Engström

“The choice of a strategic partner is about trust for us at Svenska Spel. We were not looking for a service provider, but a reliable partner with whom we can further develop. We found this in our partnership with CatalystOne, where we work together as a team, contributing expertise and motivation from both sides and maintaining an ongoing dialogue.”

– Åsa Engström, Product Owner, Svenska Spel

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