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  • NEWS: NIRAS looks to CatalystOne for streamlining global HCM

NEWS: NIRAS looks to CatalystOne for streamlining global HCM

The engineering consulting company will implement a cloud-based HR system to optimise processes for the entire employee lifecycle.

NEWS NIRAS looks to CatalystOne for streamlining global HCM

16 January 2018 – NIRAS is an international engineering consulting company with 2200 employees across 21 countries and a headquarter in Allerød, Denmark. The company embarked on a journey to enhance people processes and selected CatalystOne as a long-term partner in human capital management (HCM). CatalystOne will deliver NIRAS a comprehensive HCM platform that is easy to use for all user groups, optimises HR processes, improves process efficiency and provides a user-friendly self-service to employees and managers.

“Being a next generation consultancy requires that we have the best tools and processes for managing, engaging and developing our people. With CatalystOne we can manage the entire employee lifecycle in one system, which reduces administration and significantly improves the flow of HR data”, concludes the NIRAS team consisting of Line Christiansen, Senior Business Partner, Claus Birkholm, IT Development Manager and Heidi Berg Frederiksen, IT Business Partner.

“Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation was a key requirement for us, and therefore we’re pleased that CatalystOne meets regulatory requirements for secure handling of HR data.”

CatalystOne will deliver NIRAS a full HCM suite that supports HR processes on global scale. The system will optimise a range of people processes, such as recruitment and onboarding, HR master data, compensation management, competence management and performance management. In addition, it will be integrated with existing systems, such as payroll and Active Directory.

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– Trond Iversen, VP of Sales. CatalystOne Solutions


Hope Mears Østgaard

Hope Mears Østgaard, 16 January 2018

Hope Mears Østgaard is Senior Vice President Marketing at CatalystOne. She loves tech marketing and has over the course of her career built the marketing teams for successful growth of several SaaS companies. She is a passionate leader, tech advocate and communicator.

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