CatalystOne professional services

If you need extra assistance with any process or task during the implementation of CatalystOne, such as change management, process optimization, data imports or migrations or readiness analysis, we are here to help!

Let us help you on your HR digitalisation journey

We offer a wide range of additional professional services to those of our customers who require extra assistance in relation to their HR system. Here you can find an overview of some of the typical solutions we provide, but if you require other types of services, then feel free to reach out to us – and we will find a solution.

Ensure results from your new HR system

A key principle of CatalystOne is the partnership with our customers. We want to ensure that our solution delivers on our customers' desired outcome -  which may range from improved data quality and data security to a more strategic HR function.

Through our years of experience, we have often found that our customers need additional support on their digitalisation journey. Therefore, we offer a whole range of CatalystOne professional services on top of our ordinary implementation services - with the purpose to support, challenge and/or lead the work of our customers on their journey towards the desired outcome.

Ensure results from your new HCM system

When is the right time to use our services?

No matter where you are in your digital HR journey, you might require some assistance to ensure you ask all the right questions, align expectations, train and educate your end-users, optimize your processes - so why not take advantage of all the expertise and experience that we have to offer?

  1. Purchasing
    Even before the decision have been made, we can assist with building a business-case, perform readiness analysis or align stakeholder expectations.

  2. Project Preparation
    We can help ensure you have the necessary resources available and have involved and looked at the relevant implications with IT.

  3. Planning & implementation
    Good planning is crucial for the project to become a success, so you require project-management assistance, we can provide that.

  4. Implementation & Go-live
    We have experienced consultants available if you need assistance with data-migration or training of end-users.

  5. Lifecycle
    We can help in case you need assistance with onboarding new super-users or making changes to your configuration of the system.

Examples of professional services we offer

We offer a wide range of services to our customers, and some of the typical services are:

1. Purchasing phase

  • Business Case Development
  • Readiness Analysis
  • Project pre-study

2. Project preparations phase

  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Competency Framework
  • Competency Planning

3. Project planning and implementation phase

  • IT Assistance
  • IT Competence Development
  • End user training

4. Implementation & Go-live phase

  • Change management
  • Integrations
  • Knowledge sharing

5. Life-cycle phase

  • Training of super-users
  • Process optimisation
  • System health check
  • Effect maximizing
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Our Certified Service Partners

Our Certified Service Partners

We have allied our self with some of the best consultancy businesses in Scandinavia to provide the best quality professional services to our customers.

All partners have been carefully screened and certified by CatalystOne and have undergone training in the CatalystOne platform and in our implementation processes, to ensure they are all very qualified to enhance the effects and results of your new HCM system.

For more information about how to become a partner, please contact us here.

Meet one of our Service Partners

Prasinum is a Swedish consultancy company

Eva Törnqvist

“We have the pleasure of beeing one of the certified service partners for CatalystOne and are helping their clients with a wide range of different tasks and processes. ”

– Eva Törnqvist, Co-founder and Senior Consultant, Prasinum

Contact us regarding professional services

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about our professional services or want to know how we can help ensure your success with the CatalystOne solution.

Contact information:

Anna Erlandsson, Chief Customer Officer, +46 70 754 74 65
Jesper Byström, Growth Manager, +46 72 511 76 21

or e-mail: