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Employee Survey

CatalystOne Employee Survey provides you with a frank and honest assessment of how you're doing as an organisation. As well as highlighting what's working, you'll also be able to identify opportunities to improve engagement and employee satisfaction. Ask broad questions to give your people an open forum, or choose tailored survey topics to gain insights into specific areas of interest.

Find out what they really think

If you don't ask your employees how they feel about working for your company, there's a good chance they're going to come to the conclusion you aren't interested. Employee surveys don't just give you honest and anonymous feedback on how you're doing, they also demonstrate your commitment to getting better as a business. Take action based on what you've learned and you'll soon see the positive impact 'being heard' has on employee engagement.


Support for growth and development

Knowing how your company measures up in areas such as employee satisfaction, leadership, and working environment gives you a concrete roadmap for change. 

But surveys aren't just for senior leadership - line managers will benefit from better understanding the challenges that are directly impacting their team teams, too. This kind of candid feedback is crucial to ongoing development across all levels of your business.

Employee engagement

One of the most important reasons to conduct employee surveys is to better understand the key factors driving engagement in your organisation. What's important to your people?

Committed employees are conscientious and enthusiastic - fantastic ambassadors for your company who give their all each and every day.

Surveys are the key to understanding how to make more of these 'all-in' employees.

Employee engagement

You're in good hands - and good company!

Join 100+ other Nordic organisations who are already handling their HR with the CatalystOne HR software suite.


“We now have an integrated IT tool that will help us improve the way we structure management and employee development, and feedback is an important part of our culture.”

– Kristin Sætevik, Director Organizational Development and Communications, FINN

Want to know more?

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about how our Employee Survey module - or the rest of our HR software suite - can help you improve employee engagement.