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HR and Payroll experts join forces


Arribatec, a global supplier of ERP and Payroll solutions, and CatalystOne, one of the leading Scandinavian suppliers of HR-systems, have partnered up to form a technological alliance to provide a complete, scalable solution to digitalise and automate business processes across disciplines such as HR, ERP and Payroll.

“We find the partnership between Arribatec and CatalystOne a natural extension of the demands from our customers to reduce complexity and minimize the number of contact points. With our partnership we elevate the HR solutions to new heights and provide even more value for our customers by binding systems and processes together to help the customers reach the full potential in their digitalization journey” – says Svein Erik Myhr from CatalystOne Solutions.

Reaching the full potential in the digitalization journey

The digitalization journey is a multi-faced animal that often starts with business silos trying to solve their own efficiency issues, reduce costs and increase value generation. However, if only looking at processes within a single silo, you still have to struggle with cross silo processes. One great example is how many companies have digitalized their HR and payroll processes separately of each other. But if HR and Payroll are not synchronized, and the data shared across the silos are not considered in the digitalization project, you will not be able to reach the full potential. Furthermore, IT has a great stake, both in the digitalization journey in general, but also in how they can benefit from the automated processes.

A single source of truth

Much of the data from Payroll, HR and ERP are shared, and therefore traditionally a lot of data are entered multiple places and must be updated manually in several locations, which creates unnecessary high requirements for data verification and a high risk of human error. But with this partnership between CatalystOne and Arribatec, we can eliminate the need for having multiple versions of the same data stored across multiple locations, which is less time consuming and reduces the chance of data-entry errors.

“We experience that more and more organisations, who want a large degree of digitalization, want their processes and systems to be integrated so that information and data flows freely and provides effectivization and automation. With this partnership we can offer ‘one solution’ to both ERP, Payroll and HR.” says Emma Bray from Arribatec

By combining and integrating the solutions from Arribatec and CatalystOne you will get better process quality, a scalable system integration, improved dataflow and quality of data – and ultimately a better employee experience for your employees.

Furthermore, the integration results in more process automation and less data maintenance needed across multiple systems. Changes in the organization are first reflected in the HR systems masterdata. By taking advantage of this knowledge, companies can highly benefit from a holistic approach on how changes affect other parts of the organization. In this way, changes in HR can be automatically reflected in systems that support, for instance, IT and payroll. This will increase efficiency and quality, while a larger part of the organisation saves time on administrative tasks like manual data input, quality assurance, license control and access and identity management, to mention the most common. The goal is to make life easier for both Payroll, finance, IT and HR professionals.

No need to settle for one-size-fits-all

Companies who are looking to replace or upgrade their payroll and ERP system, can benefit greatly from also upgrading to a new HR-solution, to ensure a higher degree of digitalization across the entire business. By doing so, they are free to select the best possible solutions from both ERP, Payroll and HR – rather than being forced to settle for a less than optimal solution.

The start of a long partnership

The new partnership will continue to develop into a common employee portal for our customers, who have complex organisational structure and a high demand for flexibility, who want to simplify and unite processes between HR and management, in order to keep a high degree of focus on the employees.

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About Arribatec

Since the establishment in 2015, Arribatec has experienced an incredible growth and a transformation in the IT consultancy business worldwide.

Arribatec is a global provider of integrated digital business solutions supporting customers in gaining competitive advantage through innovative use of IT. The Company’s core competence is focused around ERP, Cloud Solutions, Technology Infrastructure, Enterprise Architecture and consulting services. Arribatec employs more than 400 dedicated and skilled employees spread over 25 offices worldwide. We serve more than 1000 private and public businesses in over 25 countries. Through the combination of self-developed software, partnerships and consultants, Arribatec provides services to help businesses reach their potential



David Ditlev Rasmussen

David Ditlev Rasmussen, 23 May 2022

David Ditlev Rasmussen, M.Sc. IT, Head of Regional Marketing at CatalystOne Solutions. David has worked with digitization of HR for 7+ years for CatalystOne Solutions. He has more than 10 years of management experience and a passion for behavioural design, psychology and has regularly published articles and posts on management- and HR solutions and HR-tech.

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