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CatalystOne Solutions partners with Flex Application's time management solution

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PRESS RELEASE: 02 May 2024 - CatalystOne Solutions and Flex Applications are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership which offers customers a hybrid attendance-reporting package. 

Their new integration will allow customers to meet more complex time-reporting requirements. Customers who only have time-reporting needs can now use Flex time management through CatalystOne’s platform. 

Many companies hire a mix of employees with different time or absence reporting requirements: Some hourly workers track the time they are present. They’re thus required to report time balances, as well as the times they clock in and out of work. Other employees report not the hours they are actively working, but the hours they are absent from work. This often requires manager approval in advance. 

The new integration between CatalystOne’s Absence module and Flex’s time management solution is designed to give companies the flexibility to objectively meet the needs of both types of attendance reporting. This comes with the ability to granularly adapt the CatalystOne platform experience depending on each employee’s time-reporting needs.  

“We at Flex Applications are excited to join forces with CatalystOne Solutions," says Vegard Tjomsland, Executive Director at Flex Applications. “By integrating our comprehensive time reporting system Flex HRM Time and staffing system Flex HRM Plan with CatalystOne's robust HR platform, we're empowering companies with enhanced efficiency and accuracy. Together, we look forward to driving success for our customers with our innovative solutions. 

This new integration is especially timely given Denmark’s Act on Working Hours. It requires all Danish companies to report working hours in an effort to have better oversight over employee health and rest periods. Danish companies have until 01 July 2024 to adopt an objective time-reporting system. 

“Through this partnership with Flex HRM, we can now meet all time reporting needs,” says Runar Holm, CatalystOne’s Partner Manager. “While this is of course exciting to our Danish customers--who will soon face mandatory time-reporting requirements--we expect the hybrid solution to be a tremendous value to many of our other customers.” 

As the attendance-reporting landscape in HR adjusts to modern work expectations, the hybrid time and absence partnership between CatalystOne and Flex is expected to be both resilient and future-proof, especially as each product continues to evolve. 

About CatalystOne Solutions: 

CatalystOne Solutions is a rapidly growing premier SaaS company specialising in human capital management (HCM) software. Our data-driven platform transforms HR from manual personnel administration to an automated, strategic function. With HR master data at its core and modules capturing the entire employee journey, CatalystOne customers have maximum flexibility to modify their solution to fit their unique requirements. 

About Flex Applications: 

With its comprehensive solution Flex HRM, Flex Applications is one of the few providers consolidating the company's entire personnel administration in one place. Shift scheduling, time reports, travel expenses, HR support, and payroll – everything is seamlessly integrated. Founded in 1990, Flex Applications currently has approximately 140 employees in Sweden and Norway.


CatalystOne, 02 May 2024

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