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CatalystOne partners with AI-powered employee engagement platform Winningtemp

Winningtemp-partnership-mainPress-release, Oslo 20 April 2023 

CatalystOne Solutions, one of the leading Scandinavian suppliers of HR-systems, recently announced a strategic partnership with Swedish employee engagement platform, Winningtemp.
The new API will provide an integration between the two solutions, whereby CatalystOne and Winningtemp customers can automatically sync their employee and organisational information across the two platforms.

Thanks to the new partnership between CatalystOne and Winningtemp, customers of both companies can now easily collect valuable insights and feedback on the employee experience. Meaning that from the first week of joining an organization, employees will automatically be able to receive Winningtemp surveys, allowing them to provide important feedback on their onboarding experience.

New customers of Winningtemp, who already have CatalystOne, will no longer need to manually set up new employees on both platforms, with the integration to their CatalystOne HR-system – and they will get a more integrated user experience, where their data flows across multiple systems.

Based on more than 600 scientific studies, Winningtemp’s AI combines detailed understanding of job satisfaction levels and turnover risk, with actionable insights to create a high-performing teams, which is increasingly important in organisations working remotely.

The partnership marks the beginning of an even closer integration between the two systems, to enable a wider and more holistic view of HR data and insights into the organisation.

“We are really excited about this ground-breaking partnership with CatalystOne,” said Jacob Österberg, VP Corporate Development at Winningtemp. “Data and analytics are becoming more and more essential to HR teams that want to offer the best experience possible to their employees. By combining the capabilities of Winningtemp and CatalystOne, our customers will have easier access to this data and will be able to action the insights more effectively. This partnership will play an important role in the continued growth of Winningtemp.”

“The partnership between Winningtemp and CatalystOne makes perfect sense and is in response to the continuing demands from our customers to reduce complexity in their HR data and analytics,” added Runar Holm, Partner Manager at CatalystOne. “It will help save time and improve efficiencies for time-starved HR teams, by eliminating the need for multiple versions of the same data and hosting it all in one easy to navigate platform. There will be many benefits to our customers, and we are excited about the start of this new chapter with Winningtemp.”

CatalystOne Solutions renames their Employee Listening category

With the introduction of the new partnership with Winningtemp, CatalystOne have also renamed their software category from Employee Listening to Pulse Survey.

"We have decided to rename our category from Employee Listening to Pulse Survey to better reflect the common use for these types of engagement tools. They are still used to listen to the employees and measure their engagement and mental state - but we know that Pulse Survey is a more frequent and common name, so we decided to rename the category." says David Rasmussen, Brand & Product Marketing Manager at CatalystOne Solutions.

About Winningtemp

Winningtemp uses cutting-edge science and technology to help organisations understand how employees really feel – and help them feel better. Leaders and HR Professionals use our platform to ask the right questions, to the right employees, in the right way, dramatically improving engagement, communication and collaboration. Our platform was created by leading research scientists at Gothenburg University and optimised using AI to understand what keeps employee engagement high and drives strong company culture.

Who are CatalystOne Solutions?

CatalystOne Solutions is a fast-growing software company that specialises in software and services for digitalising HR and management processes. They develop software that can elevate and transform HR from people administration to a strategic HR function, enabling positive relations between your HR, employees and managers. 

They are one of the leading vendors within HCM (Human Capital Management) software and provide a full suite of cloud-based and user-friendly solutions for processes such as HR master data management, performance management, talent management, and learning management.

CatalystOne Solutions have offices in Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Silkeborg and Sandefjord.

David Ditlev Rasmussen

David Ditlev Rasmussen, 20 April 2023

David Ditlev Rasmussen, M.Sc. IT, Head of Regional Marketing at CatalystOne Solutions. David has worked with digitization of HR for 7+ years for CatalystOne Solutions. He has more than 10 years of management experience and a passion for behavioural design, psychology and has regularly published articles and posts on management- and HR solutions and HR-tech.

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